About Me

I want to tell stories. Everything I do is motivated by a desire to cultivate unique experiences and to then share those with the world. Whether that be through photo, video, or writing, I simply want to share. 

My journey as a storyteller is anything but straightforward. During the summer of 2021 while the world was still dealing with that whole Covid thing I decided it was time to reinvent myself. To finally pursue the passions and future that I saw for myself. I learned early on that our relationships with others and ability to connect with those around us was at the heart of everything I wished to achieve. The technical ability behind storytelling would come with time, but none of it would matter if I couldn’t communicate on a human-to-human level. Over the next two years I pushed myself in ways that helped me to better this exact skill. 

I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Ithaca College with a B.S. in Television & Digital Media Production. On top of my academic life I became an All-American football player, founder of the Ithaca College Snow Club, and was a Harry’s brand campus ambassador. I spent my summers in Jackson Wyoming working as a river guide, which is where I find myself yet again. All of these experiences taught me how to communicate with people from every kind of background and through different mediums. This plethora of experiences has prepared me in just the ways I had hoped they would. Human connection is still at the forefront of all that I do.

Exploring the great outdoors is my passion just as much as storytelling. Skiing, climbing, rafting, hiking, you name it and I am there. Some of my earliest memories revolve around my time spent in nature with my family. I believe that passion is contagious and want to share the energy I have for Mother Earth with all those around me. I recognize that many are not as fortunate as I am to experience the outdoors in the same capacity. As a storyteller, I view my photos, videos, and stories as a way to increase accessibility and hopefully inspire others to venture outside. 

Marrying these two passions is my lifelong dream. Taking my camera to places where you really shouldn’t bring a camera is something I have always loved and will continue to pursue. Sharing the magic of the mountains, rivers, or wherever I may be at the time has only become more invigorating over time. 

Contact info: nhbahamonde@gmail.com