Early Summer

Early Summer

June was a rather turbulent time. Everyone around me, including myself, was going through some sort of major life change. Most of us were graduating college and jumping into the real world for what felt like the first time. There were many goodbyes and hugs and boxes to be packed. Personally, I felt excited for this new chapter to begin. I had a plan, a job, and friends in Wyoming to get back to.

My return to Jackson was welcoming but anything but smooth. The past month had been such a whirlwind that I never took the time to process. I had jumped from one world into what felt like a whole new one in the blink of an eye. Getting back on the river and in the mountains was good for me but the weather made that difficult for all of us. The rain in June seemed to never end and more time was spent in the Target parking lot waiting out storms than anywhere else that month. The ups and downs of this time made it harder than I was expecting to adjust back to life in Jackson. But with time, patience, and a bit of work I was able to recalibrate myself and get back to some feeling of normalcy in a relatively short amount of time.

Despite this there were still many highlights. The annual Hoback race was a great experience as per usual. I was lucky enough to help guide a boat sponsored by the brand Stio and finish as the best of the worst! Coming in fourth to last had never felt so good. Many evenings were spent at out boathouse which always leads to a variety of situations occurring. Impromptu karaoke night comes to mind. A visitor who went by J.C. also offered us good entertainment during his visit. In the span of only 10 minutes we learned of his career as a marine sniper, trip down the Grand Canyon, his desires to see the Galapagos and his recent success in the world of crypto. I want it to be known that for the duration of this conversation he was fiddling a bullet in his hand, dropping it at my feet on several occasions. He let us keep the bullet as a souvenir. Camp outs with the guides, music on main, bluegrass, all of these staples of this area also made a much-welcomed return into my life.

I was happy to see June come to end. The readjustment had been rough but necessary. I am an ardent believer in the idea that good and bad coexist together equally rather than some notion that they are separate from each other. The tough days may suck but it is they who allow for the good days to follow. By the end of the month I was feeling better about myself and my situation. July couldn’t get started soon enough.

Music from this time:

“FULL GROWN” – Field Medic

“Need You” – Marlin’s Dreaming

“Some Italian Mountain” – Sophie May


“Buried in the Sky” – Peter Zuckerman 4/5

“The Perfect Storm” – Sebastian Junger 4/5

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